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On-Mobi offers its affiliates great commission options!

Gaming - CPA deals starting at $100 + Option for Rev Share.

For our Gaming related publishers, we offer both the option for CPA (Cost Per Acquisition – i.e., cost per depositing player) and for revenue share or "Rev Share" which is a percentage of the total net gaming (net revenues) that the client earns per player for the entire lifetime of the player. (Rev Share is known as "the gift that keeps giving"). On-Mobi also offers hybrid plans that pays a set CPA plus a set revenue share.

Total Players Per Month
01 - 10 players
$100 (per depositing player)
11 - 15 players
$150 (per depositing player)
16 & more players
$200 (per depositing player)

Finance - Starting from 25% Rev Share

Talk to your account manager to set a deal that works for you. Deals are never set in stone and can be tweaked or increased as you progress.


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