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It's time to start seriously monetizing your gaming and finance related apps!

On-Mobi offers:

  1. iPhone/iPad SDK
  2. Android SDK

How does it work?

Make money from your app by placing ads in/on/around it, promote your app on our network and have your app utilized by targeted gaming and finance publishers!

iPhone/iPad SDK

Apple provides what most consider to be the most vibrant and innovative Smartphone developer platform in the world. While the market is known for its volatility and high level of competition, On-Mobi works directly with developers to ensure that our SDK is always on top of the latest iPhone/iPad developments. We also offer automated reporting and campaign analytics in order to make sure that each and every campaign is constantly being optimized in order to make sure you are earning the highest returns possible.

Android SDK

Android is currently the fastest growing mobile provider in the world. Our unique Android SDK offers you an easy way to monetize on the huge number of daily Android impressions. Our automated campaign reporting and easy to read campaign analyses will help you make the most of all of your Android campaigns. You'll also be able to work closely with an account manager who is fluently versed in the Android platform and will help you to navigate your way towards a high ROI.

Our SDK enables publishers to integrate both standard and customizable creative materials.

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